How much can you earn with The Dreams by Dukley in the next 3 to 5 years?

Dukley's financial department has chosen 4 apartment types with varying costs as examples to calculate the income. To do this we considered:

Guaranteed income for the first 3 years, amounting to 18% of the property value
Expected property value growth based on the existing price trend
Rental income calculation for the subsequent 2 years after the guaranteed income program.
* Fixed (Guaranteed) 18% ROI for 3 Years
The fixed rate stands at 18% over 3 years. To guarantee ROI, the acquired property is entrusted to Dukley's management company for 3 years. During this period, the management company independently rents out your property and pays the guaranteed annual ROI of 6% of the apartment's purchase price.
** Projected (Organic) Real Estate Value Growth
Property price dynamics in Tivat
Below you can find the growth trends in Tivat over the past 10 years. The official data indicates an annual increase of more than 5%.
Average price, EUR/m2 - Montenegro
*** Rental Income Projection for Years 4 and 5
Rental income is calculated based on 2 parameters:
The rental market situation in one of Montenegro's top locations
Tivat and Dukley's expertise in rental and management services with over 10 years' years of experience
The price per square meter in the newly built Synchro settlement is currently 14,000, which also indicates excellent prospects for price growth in our project "The Dreams by Dukley.

For this calculation, we've used a conservative monthly occupancy rate of 50%. In practice and based on our experience in premium Dukley properties, apartment profitability usually reaches around 10% annually based on property value.
The location and cost of real estate in this area
The cost per square meter in the newly built Synchro settlement today starts from 14,000, which also indicates excellent price growth prospects in our project The Dreams by Dukley

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